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Connect Your Health Management Applications

Your health record can securely connect to some of the health management apps you may use. This process provides access to your health and wellness data in an app of your choosing that will enable you to make informed choices.

Please note that once your data has transferred to your selected application, that copy of your data is beyond the protection of Mount Nittany Health. The application vendors HAVE NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT to protect your health information, and may in fact reserve the right to share and/or sell your personal health data. We strongly encourage you to review the terms and conditions of any third party application and what commitments the third party vendor makes to protect your data before installing and using the application to access your personal health data. At this time, Mount Nittany Health is not able to make any recommendations on the safety offered by any of these applications, and encourage caution in their use.

Connected Applications

The applications listed below are already connected to your health records without a request needed. Click an application name for setup instructions specific to that application.

These applications are being configured and will be available soon.

Request Application

To connect your health record to an app not listed above, complete the form below.

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